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Sustainability and traceability

The importance of food sustainability and traceability

Being Italian means a lot when it comes to food: it means being nourished every day with the best that the land has to offer, it means growing up in a country where quality food is a daily companion and a source of pride. For these reasons, in Alifood we consider sustainability and traceability as two of or main priorities. We support the safeguarding of the agricultural soil, natural resources and healthy food made with simple and natural ingredients, low in calories and fat but high in nutritional value.

All of our products pass the internal test of authenticity and original flavor: they are genuine and respect the authentic Italian cuisine by combining natural ingredients, traditional processing methods and proven geographical origin. The ingredients are the typical ones of the Italian tradition, masterfully combined to obtain delicious flavors and unique aromas.

We only select easily identifiable food with common characteristics, traceable from farm to fork. Sustainability and traceability also entail respect for our food tradition: our goal is to disseminate a combination of diverse Italian cooking practices passed on from generation to generation and the use of the most advanced and innovative production technologies.

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