We supply international markets
with high quality Italian food


The matching point in the global marketplace between producers and buyers

Nowadays all countries are asking the world to recognize and respect the individuality of their own cultures; at the same time, they are willing to import healthy and sustainable food products together with modern services and technologies.

We currently operate in nineteen countries: in each one of them we are able to adjust both our products and practices to suite different needs and requirements. So far we are exporting to Eastern and Western Europe, Middle Est, Asia and South America but we are able to supply any corner of the world.

We are the real matching point between demand and supply, connecting Italian food producers to many customers all over the world. We provide opportunities to all the local manufacturers – even the small/medium ones – so that they can match their offers with the requests of international buyers of high-quality food ingredients and Italian food products.

Our international presence in numbers: 19 countries worldwide, more than 100 suppliers, more than 90 product categories and more than 250 food products. 

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