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We freeze the freshness

Food safety and high process standards are our priority

Today consumers are becoming more and more mindful of the food they buy and eat; they pay attention to origin of the ingredients they use. They seek innovative and enjoyable tasting experiences while other factors – such as a clear label, a plant-based approach, a valuable nutritional profile and, more in general, safety and sustainability – have a significant influence on their daily purchase decisions.

In order to meet their needs, customers require the right expertise and professional competence to select ingredients and products that will guarantee both the satisfaction of their final clients and the correct development of their businesses.

When it comes to providing our clients with affordable, good quality food consigned in the fastest possible way, we rely on our experience to understand their needs and quickly adapt our supply accordingly. In this regard, we aim to be the matching point between the demand of our international clients and the offer of our local suppliers, whom we guide and assist in adapting their processes to the latest food safety requirements while enabling them to offer a greater variety of tasty products at the right value.

It is noticeably clear that the world needs efficient and sustainable food production systems; this calls for a new production technology, a more efficient use of the resources and a responsible, sustainable and efficient value chain. Our main target is to promote the Italian food tradition and to launch new high-quality Italian products worldwide. For this reason, we act as a sourcing or buying agent in dealing directly with the highest quality Italian food manufacturers and producers; we also control the packaging, the shipping, the consolidation and the financing of the orders. We provide international opportunities while acting at the same time as a low-risk domestic buyer.

This is why our team keeps a constant eye on every phase of our operations. We are always reviewing our procedures, training our staff, and raising the bar to maintain our upper edge.

Alifood meets the strictest food safety and process standards. In fact, our team is up-to-date with the latest in safety standards and our main suppliers have some of the most famous certifications, such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000 internationally recognized standard, ISO 14001 environment and BRC or IFS quality procedures, as well as Kosher and Halal certifications. We care about enhancing our customers’ trust and guaranteeing the safety of our products.

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