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Food preservation solutions

Innovative food technology as best preservation solutions

The continuous integration of technology in the Italian food industry represents a turning point for all those companies that through the innovation of their procedures, advanced packaging techniques, cutting-edge materials as well as modern preservation technologies can now reach that large-scale food production which, until a few years ago, was confined to artisan level.

This, in turn, leads to the development of milder and more energy-efficient processing techniques that are able to maintain the structure, function, taste and quality of the final product. Innovative technologies such as Blockchains, IoT, Big Data and Data Technology applications are revolutionizing the agri-food industry, improving product traceability throughout the entire value chain. However, innovation in food is not just about new technologies: in order to improve the customer experience, many new cooking techniques have also been recently developed. Generally speaking, at food supply level the emphasis is shifting from “more” to “better”; specifically, in Alifood certain moments of use and individual nutritional needs of the consumers are becoming a prime concern.

In our Company we constantly combine Italian tradition, good health and good taste with innovation: for this reason we are proud to say that we match tradition with innovation. Over the years, we have earned an enviable reputation for serving up success but this has not stopped us from continuing to work to provide our customers with the quality they demand, the innovation they seek and the overall performance they require. The goal is to create and disseminate worldwide new, exciting products of the Italian cuisine.

We believe in food technology research as that helps us maintain the original physical properties, particle integrity and good taste of our products: three essential qualities that allow us to export the real Italian cuisine all around the world. Our love for Italian food makes us one of the most modern Italian food supplying companies to have invested in the research and trial of many innovative food processing and food preservation techniques, especially freezing and drying technologies. This is the reason why we can manage and export a lot of different food products while preserving their original freshness thus guaranteeing the best value for money at the customer’s final consignment site.

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